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singapore sunset
Normally i wouldn't post from work but OMG. I didn't have enough food for breakfast this morning so ended up eating my lunch at about 9:30. Was racking my brains to think up a decent lunch because we don't have a Maccas or anything good round here. So half an hour ago i walked to 7/11. Pepper steak traveller's pie and hot pepperoni stick. Fucking yummo. 7/11 hot food from by my work has always been crap in the past but this SO hit the spot. Now i need a stubbie of VB to wash it down :(

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[yankee] What's VB? [/yankee]

7-11 saved my ass yesterday... had a chocolate milk craving at 3 PM. Three 7/11's within 5 minutes of work. Problem solved.

VB is the fucking bomb. It's the cheapest, popularist, most bottom-of-the-rung beer in Australia; 4.9% alcohol, bitter as fuck, but oh so good. $10 gets you three 800mL bottles (called "tallies" or "longnecks" here) and reasonably smashed. Expensive boutique beer can bite my ass. Mmm. I bought a carton today.

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