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did the music just get louder?
singapore sunset
Oh my fucking God. John Digweed. 4 hour set. So fucking awesome. I've become a bit cynical of internationals after a few disappointing gigs but not so here. Last night he blew the fucking roof off the place. One of the best parties i've been to EVER. Can't even describe the good feelings in that place, the up for it crowd, the smiles on faces, the hugs during the encore, the cheering... everyone was mesmerized. Just awesome.

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Nice. It's been a while since I've seen a show like that... John Hiatt at the Birchmere, maybe... But that's a great feeling, standing around/outside a club after a kick-ass show with a bunch of people you don't know, just going "holy shit, that was great."

Yeah it's really awesome. You know it's good when it's Monday and you're still buzzing! Work was still a bit of a shock but. Bleh to fluorescent lights and offices!!!

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