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singapore sunset
Holy crap! Melbourne is having Koninginnedag on Sunday! That's the Dutch Queen's Birthday holiday. Everyone dresses in orange and all the bars spill out onto the sidewalks and town squares and there's lots of beer and bitterballen. They're doing it in the Melbourne town square. I think i might go, maybe eat some frikandel or kroketten or patat oorlog. Giant stroopwafels freshly made!!! Oranjeboom beer! Stuff! OMG! I'm excited. It better kick ass.

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You = more worldly than me.

Heh. I might've travelled a fair bit, but my memories of most places outside of California and here are very hazy. Wanting to revisit koninginnedag (albeit in Australia) is kinda like a way to help jog my memory of Holland!

Wow. I understood approximately four words in that post. *grin*


koninginnedag = Queens's Birthday
bitterballen = little deep-fried meat croquettes you dip in mustard and have with beer at a bar
frikandel = deep-fried spicey sausage thing (dip in ketchup and curry)
kroketen = deep-fried sausage-length croquettes (dip in mustard)
patat oorlog = "war fries" - fries/chips with mayonnaise and peanut satay sauce on top
stroopwafels = syrup waffles, can't really explain but they are sweet and delicious :-)
Oranjeboom = "Orange tree" - just a brain of beer

So now you know what to order when you're drunk and hungry for junk in Holland :-)

A brain of beer??? Mine is going bonkers from all the work searching :(

"Patat oorlog" reminds me of poutine, a highly-underrated dish from Quebec of french fries, cheese, and gravy. Looks offensive, but damn is it good.

The stroopwafels I've had were similar to Italian pizzelles (thin, crispy cookies made in a waffle iron) with some sort of maple flavoring. Yum.

Yeah poutine is the bomb. I've never had the "real deal" but - i think they use cheese curds??? I made it at home with a premix brown onion gravy and crumbled sharp cheddar - tasted pretty good! I love all the different toppings for fries.

- fritesaus/jello-textured mayonnaise (Dutch)
- oorlog/fritesaus and satay sauce (Dutch)
- apple sauce (Dutch)
- poutine/gravy and cheese curds (Canadian)
- salt and malt vinegar (English)
- worcestershire sauce (English)
- tikka masala (English)
- HP sauce (English)
- ketchup (American)
- aioli (Australian)
- sweet chili sauce (Australian)

Am i missing any? That Australian stuff is probably done elsewhere too, but it's pretty popular here as part of the so-called "Modern Australian" cuisine they have at lots of restaurants (it's kinda Thai/Mediterranean fusion). I love "junk" food. I think i'd like to write a big book on burgers and fries and burritos and all that awesome takeout food from around the world one day.

You're right on the stroopwafel front. Yummo.

Funny, I didn't realise there was a connection between Australia and The Netherlands ! Hope you add a great celebration.
Just dicovered your LJ after falling on your web-page via a search-bot result for a 303 clone ! Are you still into music making ?

Neither did i! Actually it was really funny - there were about 100 people there just milling around, but about 50 people lined up to get kroketen! I waited 20 minutes in the rain to get a broodje kroket and een bakje patat met frikandel. It was worth it!

I am still into music-making for sure! It's all been in limbo lately - ever since i started working full-time i've found it hard to write music... But i've just bought a new mixer and plan on setting everything up again (i just moved house) and trying to be a bit more serious. Still love the 303! I'm thinking of buying an Acidlab Bassline to go with my ML-303.

Great to learn that ! We have a few things in common so I assume, aside of the fritjes met frikandel ... ;)
Greetings from n€urotic city.

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