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pineapple motherfuckin sandwich
singapore sunset
I finally bit the bullet and bought some canned pineapple rings. I've been craving my spam sandwich for ages, but haven't done it because i didn't want to buy a whole pineapple and eat it by myself before it went gross. Sooooo dinner tonight - fried spam, cheese, tomato, pineapple triple-decker-sandwich. Yummo maximo.

Got my Exxos CD :-) It made me so happy. I'm really missing me some Nine Inch Nails at the moment. Like Broken/Fixed/slightly-less-angsty NIN. I still haven't bought the new album.

Another gay thing about IE7: it doesn't integrate with Explorer any more. Extremely motherfucking gay.

Another gay thing in general: The Market. Sooo sick of waiting for men to finish fucking in the cubicles when i need to pee. Where are all the lesbians in Melbourne???

I really badly need to get into shape. I have a feeling half the reason i'm getting tired so early when i go out these days is because i'm carrying another two dress sizes on me. Stupid belly.


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