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where did the day go?

I was up before 6am with only a couple hours sleep and was officially "Sun Certified" around 11am. I probably should have gone back to bed but... i'm not entirely sure what i was doing but it sure must have been exciting to keep me awake. Wasting time in front of the computer, no doubt. It's 11pm now and J is still at a Dave Matthews show, so i've had quiet evening to myself. I think i am going to buy a drum. Of course that required hours and hours of googling before i ended up deciding to visit a local store downtown anyway. I need to do the written test for my driver's license before the 12th too, i think, so i gotta get out east. And get fingerprinted. Out west. Should i go to Chicago? J's birthday is coming up too and we were going to go to Boston but can't really afford it, so Chicago just for me would be a bit indulgent. But awesome. In conclusion, rapid cycling is a poo.
Tags: manic

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