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I've just been listening to some of those old techno tracks done by some of the guys i used to know back in the mid-90s and holy crap. There is NOTHING like this shit any more. Or perhaps just not in Australia. Just raw, raw, raw heavy drums and ear-piercing resonance, 303 acid tweaking and nothing else. No "feel-good" pads, no chord progressions, no breakdowns, no build-ups, no "minimal" crappy drum solos, no "psychedelic" stuff, just "hello synth, meet drum machine, go wild". I would go fucking NUTS if i ever heard this at a club. SEVEN YEARS! It's been seven years since i danced to this.

And you know, i may get the chance. I was reading in Scene mag that on August 9 a bunch of local DJs are going to get together in some tiny venue (downstairs at bar) and play exclusively acid. "From mid-90s acid trance to the latest banging London acid" or something, they said. I've never even seen the WORD "acid" mentioned in press since i came to Australia. I should go. Even if i go alone. Even if noone else turns up because it's not "rave" enough or something. And they better play good music.
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