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A few years ago i borrowed this novelization of the Epic of Gilgamesh from a colleague. We'd been having some conversation or other about the ancient Middle East. It was a really fun read and i wanted to buy it, but unfortunately it's out of print. I did, however, end up buying a "real" translation of the epic, though by the time it came from Amazon i was in one of those phases again where i'd stopped reading. I also bought a book on Inanna, who was an important goddess for the ancient Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians. That book, too, is on the boat.

I've always found the history of the Middle East fascinating, it's really the place civilization as we in the west know it came from. Today i was exploring literature from the region for an idea i had and it's just packed with so much amazing stuff. From all the ancient civilizations through the rise of Islam and right up till today's voting results in Iran. There's such a rich culture, so many stories and science and politics... It's never boring. I love it. I would love to go to visit some day.

I'd like to travel to a lot of places. Another top entry on the list is East Africa - Egypt and Ethiopia and Nubia, traveling down the Nile to Lake Victoria and Kilimanjaro. That and the Middle East are my pipe dream trips; i can't see it being easy to explore those places as a tall blonde Brit without an entourage. Perhaps it would be easier to start in Mexico or the Caribbean. Of course i need to go back to America first. I miss it. I still hope one day i will be able to get residence somehow.

I was going to write so much tonight, like my mind is (or was?) buzzing with beautiful art and poetry and it kind of skipped out before i could get it down. I played Scrabble with J for an hour, which was nice. It was our last real time together before the parents get home from Alaska... But it set my mind off track and now i can't really remember where i was headed.
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