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comparing police agencies

In Canada your police check costs about $35, happens over the internet and more-or-less instantly. In California you need to write a short cover letter and send $32. For the FBI you sign a cover letter [provided online] and send $18. In Australia you have to fill in a 6 page application form where none of the form fields have space for non-Australian addresses, make a copy of your driver's license and send $105. In Australian currency. Somehow. What a bunch of bullshit. I'm probably going to have to hand-write my application, send it to my mom, get her to buy a local money order and then forward it to the AFP. Sigh. They don't even make it easy to leave the fucking country.

The last two days i don't know what the hell has been up. I was doing so well but with the family home i'm all thrown off my game, like it's not flowing smoothly any more. I can't focus on anything and everything's taking too long to do and i'm getting frustrated and anxious. I feel like the Six Million Dollar Man where it's like things should be fast but it's all shanananana instead. Woo that's all dissociative-sounding. I can't even write.
Tags: anxiety, australia sucks, canada fuck yeah, crazy, depression, immigration, manic

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