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the suburb of spoiled brats

Except in this particular house it's the dog, not the daughter that gets that privilege. Who drives home from work every lunch break to walk their dog? And not because you are using it as a way to fit some exercise into your day, but simply to go up the block and let him poop on someone else's lawn because apparently he's too good to walk out in the back yard and do it there. Or do it in his room. Or, you know, hold on for a few hours.

Trapped in this fucking room, i hate it i hate it i hate it. I think i need to get a fridge up here for coke and cheese, then i'd never have to leave. I can't even play my drum, and it's raining so i can't go sit out in a park. Grumble. I swear i'm really not as antisocial as i sound on this journal. I just hate having to share my house with other people. Mornings are the worst, they're that time when i need to be alone with my thoughts and get my head together ready for the day. I can't properly wake up till i have my "me" time. Actually i need that in the evenings too before i can sleep. Perhaps there's a secret Facebook group out there of all the people who've lived with me in the past who bitch about how difficult i really was. In-laws should've checked the crazy roommate list before opening their doors...

I am really getting sick of the music i have ripped on my iTunes. I need my CDs back. I have 1453 songs and i'm still getting bored, how is that possible? I think i keep going back to a small set of stuff. For the first time in my life i'm listening to all my music on my computer, so i could actually do an iTunes meme. Check out the top 10 most-listened:

1. Britney Spears - Piece Of Me
2. Chris Isaak - Back On Your Side [Baja Sessions version]
3. Chris Isaak - Tears
4. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
5. Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It
6. Jungle Wonz - The Jungle
7. KT Tunstall - Funnyman
8. Michael Bublé - Feeling Good
9. Colette - About Us (Chuck Love Remix)
10. Michael Bublé - Moondance

Naturally even my iTunes feels the need to embarrass me by keeping Britney at the top. See that would have been put me to the top of the crazy roommate list (or at least the annoying roommate list) except i always listen with headphones. Though J did almost throw me out that time i was playing Divine out the speakers. But come on - a 300lb drag queen rapping dirty lyrics over recycled hi-nrg beats, how can you not love that?

I have been trying to listen to music on Youtube, but the audio quality is horrible and it just ends up making me want to buy more CDs. What to do, what to do?

I think i will go to the drug store. Yup, that's what i will do.
Tags: anxiety, bird in a gilded cage, music

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