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Tomorrow is Canada Day. It's not really an Independence Day, more a Day We All Decided To Call Ourselves Canada Day, but you know Canadians are insufferably polite that way.

Speaking of Independence Day, quit suggested i come down to visit for the Taste Of Chicago festival and some house music this weekend. That would be so unbelievably freakin awesome you could put 11 herbs and spices on it and have it for dinner. I spoke to my lawyer about it, though, and unfortunately we still haven't received word back from immigration about my application. Technically i can leave and reenter the country whenever i want, but she's suggested holding off until we have a case number so she can write me a letter i can give to border security on reentry. I don't want a repeat of the grilling i got back in March when i arrived here. It's kind of sucking because last week i was in Niagara and i could freaking SEE America, like it was just across the bridge, and i couldn't go visit. Poop. Maybe i will burn my useless August return trip to Australia and just hang in LA for a few days. Maybe LA sucks. Maybe Chicago sucks! But i won't know if i don't go.

Today i went back to therapy for the first time since 2004 i think? It went okay. I realized two significant things, things i guess i already knew but it's different when someone else says it to you. I'm going to try again, get something out of it this time. It is going to cost so much money i don't even want to think about it. Today i also found out i don't have a police record in California. That only cost me $32. Two thalis, a coke and a mango lassi was $18. Hugs were free :-)
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