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five things meme

For some reason i haven't felt very inspired to write here the last week or two, or at least not much compared to the previous couple months, so here's a meme - five words as suggested by scatterbeetle.


I can't remember when i sprouted, i must have been around 12 or so. I remember watching the NBA weekly wrap religiously back then. Jordan was the king, but i liked Barkley and was so upset when the Bulls beat the Suns for the three-peat. I thought being relatively tall i'd be a good baller. Unfortunately it had already been drilled into me for years that i was a brain, not an athlete. I had previously tried to play and dropped out of soccer and softball, so when i joined the basketball team all the kids teased me. On my second night riding home from a game in tears - bubblegum stuck in my hair - i quit that sport too.

After that i think i always saw my height as a disadvantage - it didn't make me good at sports, i just stood out. Even just today this old Chinese guy came up to me at the bus stop saying "you so high!!!" - and he wasn't talking about the lines of coke i did before leaving the house. I only got back on the basketball court again 2 years ago - that's 15 years i lost. On the up-side, my height does make me look deceptively skinny when really i'm not any more, so it's not all bad.

Hair color

I first started coloring my hair when i was 17, bleaching it to get a more vivid blonde. Since then i haven't seen my natural hair color - i've gone brown and auburn and red and purple and blonde again and all shades and highlights in between. I love changing it up these days. My favorite color is cherry bomb red, though it makes me look like i'm bleeding from the head every time break a sweat. Last time i went from red to blonde i had to go through a few agonizing months of pinkish-gold, so it'll probably be a while before i go back. For now i'm enjoying my various different ashy and platinum blondes.

House music

This is one of those sneaky musical genres that i grew up with without really noticing. Looking back i remember all these songs in the charts and on the radio that i liked but i never knew it was a genre until we moved to Holland. In 1995 i started buying all sorts of electronic music, starting with eurodance. I went through all kinds of phases from techno to trance to hardcore and eventually ended up back at house again. It's just a very simple, raw groove - funky and earthy and grounded. So many of the songs are about surviving discrimination or a broken heart, about being in love or happy - it's positive music that moves my heart and my feet. Most music tugs my heart one way or the other, but house music lets it fly free.


When mom and dad were still together, we went camping fairly often. For breakfast we cooked eggs on the gas stove, and dad would slice spam and fry it up too. The rest of the family ate it out of necessity, but i thought it was the best thing ever. Cooked right it has a crispy bacon-like exterior with a deliciously tender center. As a raver, food that lasts through brownouts, fridge failures and misplaced weeks is invaluable, so i started buying it again when i moved out of home. It's sort of been on and off my menu ever since - to this day no one i've lived with actually liked it too.

Best spam thingy ever - two slices of toast containing fried spam, an egg over easy, cheese, pineapple rings and hot sauce. Fried potato and spam sandwiches are also good. And spam with eggs on fried rice. Hell, who am i kidding, i love it pretty much on anything!


Ah, my true love. I'm not sure if it was Knightrider and The A-Team that first stole my heart. Perhaps a computer game featuring Ronald Reagan? Maybe it was a song by Kim Wilde or Holly Johnson. Maybe it was the NBA, or Marvel comics, or Guns'n'Roses... But as long as i can remember i always wanted to go to America. I never cared about anywhere else, when i was a kid it was a magical place i could close my eyes and escape to where everything was like a movie, a place i could fit in.

I first visited in 1993, San Francisco, i'll never forget it. I was agape, looking at all the billboards everywhere, the freeways, the cars, those huge cranes in Oakland, beautiful stores selling things i'd never seen... We'd just been in Sydney for the first time a couple days beforehand, but San Francisco blew that away times a million. I spent the rest of my life dreaming of moving to America, of going to college there, of working there, of getting married there. It continues to stay tantalizingly just beyond my reach. To this day it hasn't lost its wonder for me, i'm as sold on the American Dream as ever. I've never felt as happy just being in a place. I want to explore it all, every state, every city, i want to become a citizen and vote for the only government i give a shit about, i want to see it all and take photos and write and eat and experience all the good stuff and all the bad stuff, everything.

I want to die there.
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