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la saga de hoy

Today was the day i was supposed to finish my paper for Theory Of Food, as well as study for the exam, which is tomorrow. I didn't go to bed happy because - again - for some reason i'm not entirely sure about i got this enveloping anxiety during Spanish Monday night. In the morning i couldn't wake up, just didn't want to stop sleeping or get out of bed.

What did end up waking me up was J on the phone to Bell about some email thing. Turns out they've outsourced their email services to MSN and somehow the link between the Bell site and Windows Live login was down. Unfortunately none of the technical support morons had a clue what was going on and refused to believe J had a problem. She was hung up on three different times when asking to speak to a manager, so you can imagine how cheerful she was.

I eventually messed around with different options to log in and managed to do it, but i'm not convinced i did anything special - i think they just fixed whatever problem was happening coincidentally. So after all that drama i wanted to get to work on my paper, and the internet promptly died. DNS down. DSL sync was okay, we got an IP address, but couldn't get to any websites. I called Bell again and they mucked around only to figure out it was on the exchange and they'd have to get a technician in to "pull the card". WTF!!

So, needing to get my paper done, J and i decided to forget about our extremely tight budget right now and go to a coffee shop to do internet stuff. Dropped into coffee shop #1 and ordered drinks. Tried to order a sandwich, but apparently every goddamn sandwich on the menu was not available. In particular, the one we specifically went to that coffee shop to get in the first place. Whatever. Opened up our laptops only to find the wi-fi is fucking flakey so we can't work anyway. I mean, seriously. It's now like 2pm or something and neither of us have achieved anything.

Coffee shop #2 happily had working internet where i could finish my paper. Though by the time i finished it, the rain was pissing down like no tomorrow, J was wearing Crocs and i was in a tank-top. The soggy trip to the grocery store and back home kinda killed the buzz of finishing my paper.

But something smiled on me by the end of the day, because the internet was back up when we got home. We cooked a delicious korma, which we haven't been able to make since Australia. I took an hour out to play doumbek (very quietly so as not to annoy the upstairs neighbors) and try get the hang of a çiftetelli rhythm to mark our arrival in Greektown. Afterwards we kicked back with a giant tub of popcorn and the pilot of Warehouse 13. You know, life doesn't look so bad when you're sitting on the bed with your wife nibbling snacks and watching junk TV.

Of course tomorrow our stuff is arriving from Australia and i have a therapist's appointment so i'm not going to get any more study in before the exam. Just have to trust i remember all the important stuff from the semester. Monday i had a surprise Spanish exam i thought was next week and that went okay so i'm just going to feign optimism here. No point letting another thing get me down. My CDs are coming home, damnit, tomorrow i get to listen to new (old) music!

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