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singapore sunset
I am once again wrapped up in a snuggly blanket on our couch. It's been a while. J is off with the parents and i am trying to wind down from the last few days of craziness. Speaking of craziness, at therapy today i had a serious breakdown and it was one hell of a struggle to get it back together again in time to do my exam. I was talking about one thing and she asked this pointed question like therapists do and all of a sudden i was babbling about something very different and it just all came out. I'm still hurting. Is therapy supposed to leave you this emotional? I'm only used to this happening when i am lying in a little bundle in bed and refusing to get up. I guess perhaps if all our stuff hadn't arrived just this morning i might be doing that right now. But i want to be on the new (old) couch, damnit. She told me to think on something. I think i've spent a very long time now trying to live up to this ideal i have in my head and for nothing, really.