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singapore sunset
Got out of bed late. Went to see friend-of-mother-in-law's daughter who apparently had some furniture to get rid of, unfortunately nothing useful. Came home. Went to Friday Night Dinner. Came home. Day felt so much longer and harder than it actually was. Tomorrow i want to drum for at least an hour, try break out of this funk. We are pondering going to the Beaches Jazz Festival too, though perhaps not if it's still raining.

See this is something i never expected about Canada. Summer is stormy and humid. It feels like i'm in Brisbane with this sticky heat through the sun and rain. I like it. There are lots of fruit flies and mosquitoes around too.

Though the insect situation may have more to do with the city workers' strike than the climate. They decided to strike because the city didn't want to pay them out carryover sick days on retirement. Middle of a recession, and this bunch of fucking assclowns expects benefits above and beyond what any normal worker could even dream of having. Most of the city services have been out for the last month - daycare centers, community recreation centers, swimming pools, various health clinics, ferries to the islands, parks maintenance and, of course, garbage collection. There is garbage piled up all over the city. It doesn't look or smell great - though on the upside, the parks are turning into cool little urban meadows dotted with wildflowers and frequented by all kinds of nifty critters. I just feel sorry for the people who can't send their kids to childcare or get clean needles or whatever. Well, and for J and i who just moved into this mess and now have our own garbage piling up in the driveway.

It would be so nice if the politicians would man up and just fire the whole fucking lot of them. Seriously. Unemployment's edging toward 10% in Ontario and 30,000 spoiled union brats decide to take a break, fucking Toronto's 2.5 million residents in the process. I wonder how many of our unemployed would be happy to work for even half the benefits the union is getting? It almost feels worth jeopardizing my immigration to go down to city hall and smack some of those clueless picketers upside the head. Well, probably not. But thinking about it makes me slightly less depressed.