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imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

Man i gotta tell ya i need me some new photos. I mean, i know i'm getting all old and fat and outta shape lookin, but fuck me. I haven't had any pictures taken of me that i liked since like 2001. This could be because the majority of pictures taken of me over the last 5 years have been when i was out clubbing. It's like... how do they take those glamor shots of people to put in the clubbing zines, then they take pics of me and it looks like i've been on crack all weekend. When i haven't. All weekend. I think i need cleavage. It's not just the fact cleavage is awesome. There's gotta be like some reflective photographer guru shit happening, like the lighting is better on your face because of the supreme tit shine. Maybe that's why bald guys always look good in photos too. Hmm.

Should i go to Derrick Carter? Should i go to Steve Bug? I only fuckin got 2 hours of Sasha & Digweed because of anxiety and needing to leave early. Wasn't my anxiety either :-( M has gotten a lot more antsy about going out since we moved to Melbourne. I don't know what to do other than to say go to a shrink and get drugs. Hey, it worked for me. I guess i'm gonna have to go back to being a loner going out person. So fuckin over the gay bars. Especially because in Melbourne there's no fuckin lesbians. Well except that freaky lookin butch on Jamie's Kitchen. Jamie Oliver is such a goddamn nancyboy. Maybe it's just because he's English.

I feel like a taco. And a beer. And pineapple.
Tags: manic, myspace blog, raving

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