amw (amw) wrote,

the beef, where it is yo?

imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

Is there noone in this town who plays fuckin house music? Jesus. What's on tonight? According to inthemix, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - count 'em - fucking 7 gigs where they play goddamned electro/disco/clash/new rave/indie/techno/dirty/punk/aural rape. Some breaks. One straight up and down electro house night. For fuck's sake are they serious? If i wanted to listen to indie rock or 80s pisstakes i'd go to a rock or 80s gig. Sooo very uninterested in techno that's not techno. And Melbourne Techno Collective can bite me because, you know, i'm cranky right now and washing machine music sucks too.

Yoshi is also playing some hard house/psytrance/whatever-he-plays-now. If i had a trailer of drugs and didn't feel sick that would be just the ticket. Instead i think i shall sit at home watching Scrubs and not drinking alcohol because i am sick, quite possibly with some kind of fucked up internal shit due to drinking too much alcohol. Yeah my life rocks. Home alone and sober and single (more or less). Go me. I am going to stroke my chin some more. Where is my House Party Crew :-(
Tags: alcoholism, music, myspace blog, rants, raving, sick

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