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imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

Your space, everybody's space space... I'm not entirely sure why i have two journals now - one on LiveJournal, the other here. I do know i refuse to join the exodus to Facebook and start yet another one. I guess this can be my clubbing journal, since that's what most of my friends are here.

So i finally found a reasonable lesbian club - L Bar. They play house music and people actually dance. Well mostly chat and cruise but there's more dancing than most lesbian places i've been to. It's odd going out somewhere like that alone. With "underground" events it's not so unusual because there's always that core crew there who are all about the music. With "regular" clubs it's not so defined... But hey, i've been having a good time hanging out with people like me for a change, even if i'm a lonely sad sack most of the night. Gonna keep going and maybe i will actually make some non-straight chick friends. A pipe-dream, right? Heh.

Today i'm a lonely sick sack probably due to going out way too much last week - three work events and two casual events. All of which involved way too much alcohol. And smoking. And probably close contact with sick people!!! Damn the flu-ridden clubbers of Melbourne! Damn you all! I feel like dying and it sucks the giant ass that there is noone here to make me tea and hold my hand.

I hope i recover for basketball tomorrow. Headaches and muscle pain make amw somethingsomething.
Tags: alcoholism, myspace blog, raving, sick

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