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fuckin lesbians

imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

So yeah other side thing, going back a year on this blog (have i really wasted a year on this site?) i'm all like oh poor me, Melbourne has no lesbians. But yanno really it does have lesbians, they're just not in the gay clubs. I guess it took becoming single to buck up and head out to these one-off all-girl nights.

Last night i hit Blonde on the Rocks, which is one of those occasional barely-advertized all-girl events. Was at Eurotrash, where i went to Music Box a while back. Was an awesome venue, made all the more awesome by the three levels of chix. But when i got there none of them were fucking dancing. I mean, really. It's a club, right, not a friggin soiree. I kinda said oh well and got very very messy, had a dance anyway. Interesting mix of house, tech, prog, electro... Interrupted every now and then for caberet. Wasn't too bad. Bit monotonous at times, but i guess that's the point with proggy techno-y stuff. What was good was round 11 the lesbians actually fucking started dancing for a change, and kept the place jumpin. It brought a tear to my eye, i swear, it would've made our homo brothers proud.

Unfortunately bit after midnight the disco started... and kept going... and going... and going... and i'm like... okay, who the fuck plays an entire set of disco in 2007? Sorry, there's only so much brass and strings i can take. It's like a freakin orchestra in here. Need less washy pad-y tones and more groovin melodies, more syncopation, more swingin, funkin, jackin, bumpin, whatever the fuck they're calling it these days. Something to grab ahold of, you know, like when music just comes out and it's right in front of you, just teasing and fucking right there and each hit is like physical.

Which incidentally is why i love acid music. It's melodically repetitive as fuck but the timbres never stop moving, and the melodies are just 16th 16th 16th, it's relentless, it's all about the riffs.

Yes i'm still a bit messy. Definitely feelin the music today :-)

So tonight there is House Party Crew's DIG night... Which i'm sure will be delicious tunes and free entry, but it's so tempting to just groove round the house. I should make another mix CD. I've been meaning to put together my "Fuck Daft Punk And Their Fucking Bullshit French Filtered House, No I'm Not Going To See Them When They're In Australia So Stop Bugging Me" compilation. With good deep house and electro that has robot voices. Though i do admit to dancing to Harder Better Faster Stronger last night, but i'll blame that slip on the trashiness ;-) Okay damnit so they do make some catchy tunes. But i'm still liking my compilation concept. Yeah... could do that... could go to bed... ha. Okay fuck this i need to get off the computer.
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