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imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

If i've seemed a bit half-assed in my clubbing blog lately it's because i've been half-assed in my clubbing lately. A few months ago i sprained my ankle at basketball; it keeps almost healing up and then i sprain it again, so i've been stuck at home a lot more than i'd like. You'd think that'd save me money, but instead i've been blowing it on discogs, amazon and ebay. God forbid i start getting into beatport and stompy.

I skipped Blonde Friday and L Bar last night to rest my ankle and headed out to Dig @ Phoenix Bar as a low-impact alternative - cruisy house, soft couches, no dancing and most importantly no scary butches with clompy shoes to stand on my bad foot. Well that plan imploded when the house party crew rocked up and practically dragged me to Slater Hogan @ F4. When we arrived some local was playing a bogus mixture of house, breaks and minimal. Ugh. So i wandered about till Slater came on. I thought he was a Detroit techno dude, so hearing this funky white guy from Indiana was a very pleasant surprise. Eminently jackable :-)

Unfortunately the vibe sucked balls. Sure, the place was packed out, the dancefloor had enough movement, people were chatting, but noone looked ecstatic/enraptured. There was a lot of milling around, a lot of standing in thoroughfares and refusing to move, a number of seedy motherfuckers hitting on me - i barely felt safe to put my bag down and look away for 10 seconds to dance. It constantly blows me away that i can go to a Hoolahoop party where half the gig is young beautiful teenagers and the other half is trainspotters but everyone is an all-welcoming trashbag jumpin around and having a blast. Then you go to a party where the supposed "in-the-know"/grown-up crew are and they're all a bunch of up-themselves jaded cunts. Seriously. I know most people only go out to get fucked up, but at least dance and dig the music if you're gonna be fucked up. If you're just going to get tanked and treat it like a pub that happens to play techno instead of pop then what's the point?

Unfortunately i got dragged away from Dig in the middle of Ricardo Rae's set, and he was just kicking it. He's a local who's released a bit of stuff in the US deep house scene, i think. Makes a nice change from what Australia's usually known for overseas - breaks and electro. He was playing out some great jackin and hip shit last night, though. Swinging snares aplenty. So with the gayness that was the vibe at F4 and a friend going too, i left to go back to Dig in time to catch Mike Jules' set. And to make up for those of us who were there instead of at F4, Mike spun a bunch of Slater's tracks. Some crazy riffs going on there. I checked his myspace this morning and man oh man, Juice Joint? Simplest snare pattern in the world, but it's just so ridiculous funky - three off beats and then a little shuffle in the fourth. Add in some of those stupidly tight filtered saxophone and piano loops and you just can't help but shake your butt - sprained ankle be damned. I love finding new artists who rock my socks!!!

Yanno, house music is really getting me excited like no other electronic stuff has before. I'm so happy right now!!
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