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oh but i am trying

Today i finished building our last bookshelf and unpacked the last boxes of books. Rearranged ornaments around the place and started to craft a mini altar. J still has two boxes of random crap and we have a couple boxes of computer and audio stuff, but for the most part it's done. The only item of furniture really missing is the TV, and perhaps some kind of rack for all our shoes. I might take photos at some point, when it's not raining out. The place actually looks really nice for an Ikea-and-Wal-Mart-decorated basement.

I also went up to the post office to pick up the DVD player and down to the store for groceries. It rained and i got very soggy. I still can't find sumac anywhere, but i came home and cooked up a kick ass meal anyway. I did a kofta in tomatoes with home-made steak fries. The fries make me happy because i could never find a potato that worked for them in Australia. The rest made me happy too, actually, it feels good to cook something different.

Now it's 11pm. Tomorrow i am going to try to do the rescheduled lunch with J's dad that didn't happen today, or at least have a coffee. You know she's in Vancouver at the moment and it's even easier to get sucked into a hole when you're alone. I will also drum some more because all i've done the last few days is play beats on my laptop and i don't think it appreciates being tapped on all the time - it crashed this morning. I should try get to bed before 3am tonight.

Really trying to see the light here, to do it right.

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