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pop really will eat itself

I just learned that Scooter - masters of the techno rip-off cover - compiled an album of covers of their tracks! Seriously, it features Bloodhound Gang doing Scooter doing Earth and Fire with scattered KLF references. Funniest goddamn band in the world. 15 years and they're still ripping off tunes left, right and center, stringing together completely meaningless lyrics, thumbing their nose at "serious" techno all the while. And people keep buying it! Their debut was the first techno CD i bought and it still never ceases to put me in a good mood.

They say Germans don't have a sense of humor. "I want you back so clean up the dish / by the way how much is the fish?" Really? If more people listened to Scooter there'd be no war because they'd be too busy pissing themselves laughing. Tonight i'll go to sleep with a smile.

And to think, i got on this tangent by putting J to sleep playing one of my favorite tunes as a kid - In The Army Now by Status Quo. YouTube linked to Scooter's cover of Whatever You Want. I lol'd.
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