amw (amw) wrote,

Marc Almond is God

That is all. Well, not completely. I wonder how T is tonight. I wish i could have been with her for her performance, but instead i was 7000 miles away asleep in bed. But a friend did give me an extra blanket so i wouldn't be cold. That makes me feel cozy. Now i want it to stay cold for a while :-) I slept very well.

I was also introduced to Lexx. Which i've been hearing about for ages and i've seen snippets of, but last night i saw two episodes, and it's funny as hell. Way better than Farscape. Like Babylon 5-level good, but funny and sexy and dark and shit. I want cable, damnit.

And i want T.

i'm gonna fly fly fly away
on my wings i made out of sorrows
i threw away away
maybe i'll be back one day
who knows?
Tags: manic, music, sci-fi, tv

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