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Gah. I have been sitting here trying to write an entry and there are all these things i want to write about, but perhaps it's because there are too many things i can't fucking get anything out that doesn't sound rambling.

Here's the quick version. I got a nice tax return and a nice paycheck and now i'm trying really hard not to spoil myself because it stretches my savings for another two months and you know i gotta be smart about these things. Of course even though i finally got paid for the work i did a few months ago, i never got a personal reply to my "resignation" email so i guess that bridge is burnt after all. Fuck it.

I need to get more schedule in my life because i am staying up much too late and not getting much done in the day time. School is starting again in September but i have been reluctant to sign up for anything yet because there is too much stuff i want to do and i don't want to sacrifice drumming for anything at college, but then that costs more anyway and i could always get private lessons.

Okay this is totally not working. And i'm totally not tired. So, yup. Awesome.

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