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I got fuck all sleep last night. Even after i went to bed i couldn't fall asleep for several hours. I need to do something about that. Tomorrow i have to get up early again, for a family lunch thing. Then Friday is even earlier because i am heading down to Buffalo. 36 hours without internet, whatever will i do? Eat wings and admire art deco architecture and explore urban prairie and avoid getting shot.

I think i need to buy myself a new notebook for the trip. And a pen.

I am beginning to put some irons in the fire. Tomorrow i book in for Spanish II and Culinary Skills I. In a couple weeks dumbek classes start. Somewhere in there i have a performance with my djembe group. I am hoping to find some volunteer work too, to fill the time and possibly get some local references and contacts.

Life is good, though my nights feel quiet. Not empty, my mind is always spinning, just... quietly. En soledad.

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