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singapore sunset
I got fuck all sleep last night. Even after i went to bed i couldn't fall asleep for several hours. I need to do something about that. Tomorrow i have to get up early again, for a family lunch thing. Then Friday is even earlier because i am heading down to Buffalo. 36 hours without internet, whatever will i do? Eat wings and admire art deco architecture and explore urban prairie and avoid getting shot.

I think i need to buy myself a new notebook for the trip. And a pen.

I am beginning to put some irons in the fire. Tomorrow i book in for Spanish II and Culinary Skills I. In a couple weeks dumbek classes start. Somewhere in there i have a performance with my djembe group. I am hoping to find some volunteer work too, to fill the time and possibly get some local references and contacts.

Life is good, though my nights feel quiet. Not empty, my mind is always spinning, just... quietly. En soledad.

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Just for kicks

Thought this app may be fun for you to work on.

FarmVille Evenin' folks! Wanna work for FarmVille? We’re looking to fill immediate openings for Flash (as3) and C++programmers. Sound like you? Send a resume and a list of relevant experience to fvjobs@zynga.com. Referrals are welcome but no agencies or staffing companies, please.
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FarmVille Howdy Farmers! You may've heard we have some new decorations for you... but that ain't all! We've got new buildings and several new crops that are now in season here at FarmVille! Head on over to yer farm and take a gander: http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/links.php?type=fans
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FarmVille Hoo-ey! Only 94,000 more fans and we launch the FarmVille Fan Appreciation Event! For details on this event, check out the official announcement: http://forums.zynga.com/announcement.php?f=92. Now, go ahead and grab yer friends and become a fan of the Official FarmVille Fan Page!
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FarmVille Over 7 MILLION people played FarmVille today! We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support; we couldn't have done it without ya'll! Thanks for playin' folks!
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Now we all know there's nothin' sweeter than a reward for a job well done. So, to give you the recognition you deserve, FarmVille has added an Achievement system! Each Achievement you accomplish will give you a SPECIAL REWARD. You’ll even g...et a Ribbon to show off to yer friends! We also squashed a few of those pesky bugs with yer help. Thanks for the keen eye, folks.Read More
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FarmVille FarmVille is now on Twitter, ya'll! Follow us to stay up to date on all of the latest FarmVille news and updates, y'hear? http://twitter.com/zfarmville
Farmville@Zynga (zfarmville) on Twitter
Source: twitter.com
Grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm!
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Re: Just for kicks

Hmm? It would be fun to make internet games i think, it's probably not as poorly paid and deadline-focused as video games. But i'm having enough trouble immigrating to Canada, America's gonna have to wait...

Re: Just for kicks

You know it's me, I'm just too lazy to sign in. I thought perhaps they would let you work from home since you are well qualified.

It would solve some of the stress over lack of money and maybe it could be your hours.
I'm not sure, don't know anything about the rules and regulations.

You know there was a time that I wanted to convert to Judaism as most of my clientle was Jewish and I loved their beliefs and rituals.

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