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blame canada

Canadian border agents are now officially the suckiest i've ever had to deal with. The whole point of this trip to America was to renew my visitor visa another 6 (or preferably 12) months, but instead i had a half hour debate with the lady - held up the bus - and only got 3 months anyway. Apparently it wasn't enough to show a letter from my lawyer explaining my situation, it wasn't enough to show our marriage certificate, it wasn't enough to see the application in-progress on her computer - i needed to prove i had a flight back to Australia and money to support myself while i'm here. Who knew i needed to bring unrelated travel details and bank statements on an overnight trip? Anyway, now i have more fucking around to do to get this 3 months extended, and i'm on some kind of weird status where it looks like i might not even be able to go to college this term. I need to talk to our lawyer Monday and get this straightened out.

I just don't need this fucking bullshit right now. I'm already struggling with Best Buy's stupid ass to refund my money for the TV (we're out the cash for two now), the stupid motherfuckers at the Australian Federal Police fucked up my rap sheet and i probably need to get a new one, i've got all my own shit going on in my head, and now i need to fix my visa status with Citizenship and Immigration Canada too? Sometimes i feel like all i do is lurch from one crisis to the next. Crisis is probably putting it a hair too strong, but fucking hell. Can't anything be easy?

I will write about Buffalo, which was awesome, when i am not so cranky.
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