amw (amw) wrote,

I am pissed.

As if yesterday it wasn't enough to have a relatively good day and then get caught up downtown in the middle of one of those weekly socialist rallies... Today i had a relatively good day (despite feeling the beginnings of a cold coming on), come home, and the motherfucking house has been broken into AGAIN. FUCK!

This time they didn't go into my room, they went straight for the two rooms where they found money and jewellry last time. The girl in the room next to me lost her passport, CDs, diskman and other things. The girl upstairs, who was also living here last time, had ALL the rest of her jewellry stolen, plus a whole shitload of other stuff. My room was untouched, as were the other two upstairs that have double locks.

I was livid. The girl upstairs is beyond livid. I called our landlord and the cops (again) and we get the same goddamn cop as last time, wisecracking about it. My landlord is like "oh fuck" and then HE FUCKING LEAVES WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. Last time he stayed for a few hours, put a new window in, fixed all the locks... This time he was here, put a board over the window and left. The two girls who were broken into have no locks on their doors.

After three months... is it three? i can't be bothered checking... he STILL hasn't put the extra locks on our doors or the bars on the windows. I called him every day after the last break-in. I mentioned it every fucking week he came to pick up rent up until two or three weeks ago when he started coming even earlier in the morning than usual and caught me too tired to form a sensible thought. I am so pissed. Now he's not picking up his phone. The cops needed a report from him but he's not picking up their calls either. I hope he's feeling really, really guilty. He better fucking fix this shit up Real Damn Fast or i'm moving out and i will motherfucking spread the word around this town, around the internet, i will let fucking everyone know what an prick he is. JESUS!

In other news, at least i updated my webpage. I was going to write a nice cheerful entry tonight about it - i did it all in the past few days. Now, here it is. New writing up - something happy this time, and three new photos, which aren't new if you've been reading T's journal for a while, but i know they're some of her favorites, and they are really awesome shots.

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to load up Counter-Strike and shoot a bunch of virtual terrorists and try to let some of this anger out without smacking the shit out of something.

Quote of the day: "Every day in California now begins with Control-Alt-Delete." - Washington Post article on Arnie running
Tags: gaming, my surreal life, news, protest, rants, teh internets

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