amw (amw) wrote,

Very trashed.

That is me. It's nearly midnight so i must sleep... I had a wonderful time last night dancing to some good acid. Did they play Choci's Choons? They did. Did they play Hardfloor? They did. Did they play AWeX? They did. I might even have heard some Purple Plejade in there. 303s fuckin rock. Then after that ended i floated around a bit, met up with some friends at Family then went back round to their place to chill, which was really excellent... Got home around 4pm very tired but nice and cozy. Need cushions and speakers at home, damnit. Then i crashed for a bit, i just had a shower a sec ago and i will go to bed again in just a few short minutes.

I feel a bit better overall because our landlord came down REAL quick on fixing up the house after this second break-in. We have additional locks on all the room doors and new locks at the front and back. The back is 90% boarded and grated up now. I think i encouraged him to do some other work that needed to be done on the house too, so that would be nice.

Then yesterday morning one of my roommates and i totally cleaned out the garden. That doesn't mean much to anyone who hasn't lived here, but i'm talking... it must've been 2 seasons worth of leaves just lying there, half a door (?), bits of timber, an old hot water heater... we moved it all around, sweeping, raking, whatever. It looks much nicer now, and we could almost sit out there... Except there's not much privacy but yanno.

I super sleepy, nice and warm from the shower, i go sleep now.

Hello T :-)
Tags: my boring life, raving

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