amw (amw) wrote,

When you are depressed it's like somehow your heart is endlessly deep with sorrow, you cry and then you stop and breathe and then the ground gives way and you're awash again. For some it's constant. For me eventually it passes, after a few weeks, or perhaps months, then the ride takes a turn the other way, slamming my body against the seat as it dips and rises. But something that never ceases to confound me is how sometimes even when i'm not depressed my brain plumbs deep into my heart and starts a flow of tears that can't, won't stop. The feelings just won't go away. I laugh and cry at the same time because it's so hopeless, like watching our hero walk straight into the trap we knew was waiting.

But you know the story - the hero always overcomes and always saves the girl.
Tags: looking back

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