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well today sucked

Zoiks! I woke up nice and early this morning so i could get a lot done. I didn't have any muscle pain. I read the political blogs (Obama reax), went through a solid stretch routine, had breakfast, swept the floors... and then proceeded to do nothing all day. I was going to do the laundry, finish my work permit application, practice some dumbek, make a decent meal, maybe even meditate. Yup, you guessed it - didn't happen, none of it. Like pushing the Swiffer around sucked up all i had.

One thing i did manage to do is put on make-up for the first time in ages. My hair has been such a disaster lately i've let everything else slip too. Yesterday i couldn't take it any more and got a cut and color, hell with the cost. I had beautiful hair for about half an hour before getting it all sweaty boxing. But today, today i was going to my first dumbek class, and i was going to look fabulous, damnit. So i got myself pretty, though it appears i've lost my mascara mojo - guess that's what happens when you get lazy for a few months. Still, looking nice made me feel a bit less crap about the wasted day.

I stepped into class #1 - the "foundation" class - and said some hellos. Most of the people in the class had barely held a drum before so i was feeling pretty confident. Then our teacher kicked off and pointed out pretty much every single thing i do to make a noise out of the drum isn't considered good technique. That was massively humbling, because playing it correctly i ended up struggling to make any sound at all. He said starting off with the right technique means i can take it further later on, but it's so ridiculously frustrating going from being able to play some nice beats to not being able to play a damn thing. Also it hurt my wrists, a lot.

Needless to say, i didn't go to class #2 (the "beginner" class). I was really looking forward to two hours of classes so that didn't help my mood for the day. I was terribly hungry too, because of the whole didn't-cook-before-class thing... Once home i made a fantastically nutritious meal of hotdogs, cheese, Doritos and fruit. J went straight to bed after dinner because she's given notice at her current job and is starting a new one at the same time - double shifts are killing her. So i am sitting here alone trying to type with a sore wrist and sad face. I hate it when days don't... go. I guess sometimes i get so used to everything just working out, getting everything done that i wanted to do, when i hit these days when nothing goes right it's so deflating.

But what can you do? Just keep on keeping on. Listen to some cheesy tunes and dance around in my head. Tomorrow is the day i blocked off in my calendar for photography, so that's something to look forward to. I want to capture the mosque, the 7/11, the barbershops and dollar stores and shawarma places. Our neighborhood is nifty.
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