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getting up for work

Right now i am having a really hard time waking up. I set my alarm early so as to achieve many great things for the day, then i snooze for half an hour and eventually turn it off before passing out for a couple more hours. This is not a particularly useful habit to have developed, and it especially won't be once i need to be awake for work. Whatever job i get, it's going to have to be a morning job because my evenings are now fully booked with various nifty activities.

I've been following the immigration trackers online and the first tracked permanent residence applicants from April just got approved. They are about 5 weeks ahead of me, so that could point toward my application getting approved end October, which would be freakin awesome. Today i am sending off my supplementary work permit application so that hopefully i will be granted permission to work at the same time as being approved. I still have no idea what kind of work i want to do.

I have thinking about industries i would like to work in. I like the idea of food and entertainment from the creativity side, but the pay is really shitty and i don't have a way to break in above the bottom rung. I also like the idea of working in an industry that would play to a strength of my life experience - travel and immigration... I always thought it'd be cool to work at an airport, or at the UN or something. I've been through healthcare, manufacturing, construction and high-tech in the past and they all ended up driving me nuts - not because they weren't interesting at first but because the only option for advancement was to become a more accomplished computer programmer, not more knowledgeable about the industry itself. Learning more about computer programming per se really doesn't interest me. I wonder if being an immigrant and knowing a couple languages could get me starting off a few rungs up from the bottom in a different industry that'd leave me more interesting avenues going forward.

Anywho guess i should get to FedEx/Kinkos to get my application together.
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