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Not the only one...
mom walk
I missed the show tonight and will have to watch it coming Saturday, but you have no idea how much less lonely this makes me feel:


The ages, the background, it's like a carbon copy of my story. This is something i really haven't talked about much in my journal. It's on my mind every single day, and at times i cry for hours and hours. Noone really knows how to help me, and to be honest i don't really know how to help myself either. Recently i've just pushed it aside, trying to deal with other, more important things. I'm surviving, yet every time i think back to this i need to pull out everything i can to stop myself collapsing back into depression. I don't know what to do, i just don't know :(

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Actually here in the US it's only one year that's required as far as "living as the opposite gender." And it certainly is possible to complete the process before age 21, although difficult for most (you need to have the money, which is no small chunk of change - but the only other definate requirement is being 18 or over). Psychiatric evaluations are required, but it's not like someone couldn't figure out "the right thing to say" if they really wanted to fool the therapists (unfortunately). I just have a hard time understanding why people would want to, it seems like such an odd choice to make coming out of nowhere (by which I mean if there isn't any lifelong history of such issues). But obviously it happens, and it's too bad it does to say the least...

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