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Not the only one...
mom walk
I missed the show tonight and will have to watch it coming Saturday, but you have no idea how much less lonely this makes me feel:


The ages, the background, it's like a carbon copy of my story. This is something i really haven't talked about much in my journal. It's on my mind every single day, and at times i cry for hours and hours. Noone really knows how to help me, and to be honest i don't really know how to help myself either. Recently i've just pushed it aside, trying to deal with other, more important things. I'm surviving, yet every time i think back to this i need to pull out everything i can to stop myself collapsing back into depression. I don't know what to do, i just don't know :(

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Oh hon you know i didn't mean you. I was talking about my mother, sister and specialists. That group of five or six people were the only people i had any real life contact with outside of work for almost 18 months. I know you were only supporting me in whatever i felt was right at the time, and perhaps they were too... And maybe it's my paranoia but even now i can't shake the feeling that women in general (and no i don't mean you because our relationship is so different) have somewhat of a soft spot for guys who want to become chicks.

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