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blisters on my balls

Yesterday was an odd day. I did the laundry. I am really loving my laundry time lately. I used to like the folding, it's sort of this meditative thing you can just switch off and do, but now i need to go to a laundromat the whole procedure is a good break from life. I have been taking my paper journal and sometimes a book or iPod, i sit and i write and i read and i think for an hour. It takes me away from the computer, from it all.

The rest of the day i was in a strange mood, though. Every time i interacted with someone i said something dumb. I hate those days, my lips finish talking before my brain catches up and then i end up second-guessing everything that came out of my mouth. I just kind of floundered and felt wonky... off.

Today was an improvement. I had a pretty intense session at therapy. Fuck knows if i'm getting anywhere useful but it is good to talk about some things i haven't in a very long time, a lot of stuff that was buried but not quite dead. Zombies!!! Also, it was frickin cold, goddamnit. When i got home i switched hoodies to a new one i bought on Monday, one with fuzzy woolly lining. I haven't worn anything this ridiculously fuzzy for... i can't even remember when. It's a big ass snuggly thing. Then we bought a turkey.

Boxing was extremely solid tonight. Every time i go i push a little further, a little harder. Before i left i was like meh, dun wanna go, cold, tired... Now i'm back and cooked up some cheesesteaks (protein!!) and i'm bouncing around with energy again. It just feels so good to get that real explosive exercise - 2 hours a session totally blows away 45 minutes of a basketball game - it's like dancing during the peak of the night at a good party... except i can do it several times a week! I'll be back tomorrow too because drumming is on break. Teh yay.

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