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gobble gobble
singapore sunset
So, Thanksgiving dinner was a success. We got up around 10:30 and cooked most of the day. I was feeling like death. Thursday i'd had trouble breathing and (stupidly) spent 2 hours at the gym pushing myself a lot harder than i should've. I woke up with the cough of doom and tightness in my chest like what i guess asthma feels like. I popped a bunch of Sudafed and drank green tea all day, until i started getting a headache and realized i was having caffeine withdrawals. Awesome. Diet Coke and Motrin got me through the rest of the day. I probably over-medicate when i'm sick because i hate it so much.

Aside from spending the whole day struggling for breath like some drowning kitten it all went pretty well. I think i put my cornbread in too small a pan because it didn't crisp up enough, and our potatoes still didn't roast soft after 2+ hours in the oven, but everything else was perfect. The turkey was tender and delicious, the apple sauce was a huge hit (thanks mom!) and for some reason Grandma R was blown away by our sweet potato. The in-laws brought challah (a bit like brioche) and a ridiculously delicious pumpkin pie. We watched The Proposal and drank coffee and had a gay old time.

J was so happy to be able to entertain the family in our house for an evening, it really meant a lot to her. It was so good to see her happy like that, and i was really proud of the food we'd prepared and the space we'd set up. I've done a couple of Christmas feasts from scratch before, but never a Thanksgiving roast - it was a big deal to cook for six, i can only imagine when people are preparing for eight or ten or more. Definitely something to be thankful for.

Today is my first day of basketball. I was going to go boxing in the morning to get me all pumped up, but given i'm still sick i've skipped that. I haven't needed any drugs yet, though i am still wheezing and have continued to drink tea all morning. I really want to make it out tonight - even though it's just a clinic and the first game is next week, i would like to meet my team and try get a little bit back in the groove of things. I hope the girls are chilled out. I quit playing women's basketball in Australia because they were all a bunch of über-competetive bitches. We'll see.

I feel like my last couple entries have been a little insipid and this is not much better. You know, when life is just sort of... going... i want to write, i'm trying to write more this year, but i don't think i'm saying much.