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why i love toronto

This morning i headed out to a Mexican bakery to pick up some pan de muerto and calaveras de chocolate. Then on to a Latin American grocery store to pick up Jarritos and Tapatío. I walked round the corner to a Chinatown grocery store where i picked up ABC Kecap Manis and Mi Goreng. On the way home i dropped by our local grocery store where i got plantain, stroopwafels, salami and Diet Coke. I took the subway, streetcar (tram) and bus all round the inner suburbs, never waiting more than 5 minutes.

It's true fall weather today - 12C (53F) and drizzling rain. The trees range from red through yellow and brown, a seasonal rainbow of colors in between. There are leaves all over the ground too - mushy, now. The other day i scooped all of the leaves out of our entranceway (because we live in a basement you need to go down a flight of stairs to get to the front door) and within an hour we were ankle-deep again. I wonder if it will be the same when the snow comes? Perhaps our landlord has an extra shovel i can borrow.

She is from Greece, you know, she doesn't speak great English. My driving teacher is from Pakistan, my drum teacher from Palestine (my old drum teacher from Jamaica), my Spanish teacher from Colombia, my hair dresser from Ecuador and - hey - my boxing coach is from New Brunswick, Canada. One of the best things about Toronto is that over half the city doesn't come from here. I feel very at home surrounded by so many first-generation immigrants, and i love having such easy access to the diversity of food and culture they bring with. Sometimes i wonder what i bring to the table. I don't really have much culture of my own besides my personal mishmash of slang from around the world.

I am thinking more seriously about getting my Master's once permanent residence comes through. It will make moving countries much easier in the future. I will almost certainly have to do an additional year of undergrad work before applying because anything i do will be so far from my Bachelor's as to make it worthless. I am thinking about a social science, perhaps something related to international relations or immigration. We'll see. First i have to get over my own immigration hurdle and it is driving me absolutely crazy right now. I'm checking the website every day with butterflies.

But for the rest of the weekend i will put that all aside. Tonight i'm making poutine and plan to take a walk round the neighborhood to enjoy our neighbors' Halloween displays. Tomorrow is for pumpkin-carving and candy eating and movie watching. Sunday i'm running another boxing class, then when i get home we'll have Mexican bread and coffee and i will remember my grandfathers. Right now i am cold and wet and am about to wrap myself in a cocoon. Butterfly pending.

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