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maine's question one

These anti-gay marriage proponents are a bunch of fucking clownshoes. When gay marriage is shown to be constitutionally valid through the courts they complain it's not the will of the people and petition to put it to popular vote. When the law is changed through the legislature they complain it's still not the will of the people and petition to put it to popular vote. Then, after running fear campaigns to sway the outcome of the popular vote in their favor, they trumpet each result as a moral barometer of national opinion in spite of the countless polls that show otherwise. It's insidious that they know they can succeed in removing rights from minorities by placing this sort of question on the ballot and then politicizing the issue - planting false fears and fanning the flames through key voting blocs to drive turnout.

The ridiculous thing is that just over the border from Maine - and aside from the rest of New England - is Canada where people have been getting gay-married for years and society hasn't fallen apart. No churches have been forced to perform same-sex marriages, no school children are being brainwashed into becoming gay, it's just... there. At the end of the day it really doesn't affect anyone besides the couple actually getting married.

But i forget sometimes, America is a strange beast. There is an interracial couple on Amazing Race at the moment, they're from Tennessee. For some reason they feel the need to bring up how groundbreaking their relationship is every five seconds. It's actually painful to watch, living in a city where this sort of thing doesn't even raise an eyebrow. I guess their ostentatiousness is a product of it still (!) being some weird freaky thing where they come from and that's their way of dealing with the attention. It just goes to show half the country is still living 50 years in the past and they don't even realize it. If they're still struggling with the idea of a black girl marrying a white guy then God forbid they accept a guy of any color marrying another guy of any color. It's scary how out of touch that is from the reality in the urban centers.

I'd still like to visit, though. The south, the country. Just perhaps not holding hands with my partner.

Yeah, it's scary, but fascinating too. One of the things i love about America is how wildly different the politics are from one part of the country to the next. Democrats in conservative states can be more conservative than Republicans in liberal states and vice versa... Which is probably why it takes so freakin long for anything useful to come out of the federal legislature, because even representatives on the same party can't agree on how things should go. One more argument for new federalism, i guess. Bla bla repeal DOMA etc. I'll stop boring y'all now.
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