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Reading the news recently it seems we're getting a lot of press. Particularly in California it's a big issue - Davis trying to win the Latino vote by saying yes to licenses for illegal immigrants, then dropping the ball by insulting Schwarzenegger on his accent; Schwarzenegger talking about immigrants being part of the American dream while trying to maintain the conservative vote by saying no to illegals; Bustamante kissing any ass he can find... And everyone seems to forget this is a federal issue anyways. But Bush is off on some weird trip somewhere, ballooning the deficit, people are talking about a "jobless recovery" (now there's an oxymoron if ever i heard one), Democratic candidates are bickering about irrelevant crap, and noone is cutting to the chase.

I want to hear a cold, hard plan for improving the economy. I want to hear how the US government plan on getting people back in jobs. I want to hear a firm statement on any immigration changes that might occur as a result of changes in economic and homeland security policy. I'm not feeling very informed right now, and the president's appearance did little to illuminate the issues that are important to me. I doubt many Americans were impressed either. Noone is pushing their agenda into the spotlight. It's not helping my feeling of being in a limbo here in Australia when some of the most powerful people in the world are being vague and keeping a low profile. It feels like the global economy is in limbo, and that doesn't help anyone. With a bit of luck something will come of the talks in Cancun.

*sigh* I want to have a better sense of my chances of getting a green card. I want to know where i stand in the eyes of the INS. I want to log on to the job boards and see hundreds of jobs i qualify for, not a handful each week. I want to go find that American dream that Arnie keeps talking about...
Tags: american dream, immigration, news, politics

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