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hoses suck more than snakes

Yesterday i came home to find a pool of water in our living room. This has happened once before, but at the time i convinced myself that J or i must have just dropped a bottle of water without noticing. This time it was a lot more than a bottle-sized pool, however. Fortunately the floor is tiled and all our stuff is a couple inches off the ground in shelves so nothing was damaged, but it still sucked so i started mopping it up and called our landlord. Over the next few hours the pool grew, and a couple of new ones started appearing from under the baseboards in the bedroom (which has hardwood floors). Meanwhile i was running back and forth from the corner store to the laundromat to get more paper towels and throw dish rags in the dryer. Yes, it sucked a lot.

About three hours after i originally called, my landlord was still tied up God knows where, so i called the the city and reported a basement flood. Our landlord told me there was no interior plumbing over the side of the house that was leaking, so i figured a mains leak had to be the problem. Once she arrived, she checked the meter and saw that water was continuously running, so we checked around the house for the source. Near our upstairs neighbor's front door i heard a hissing sound and following it down i realized that someone had left the garden hose on. The end of the hose was lodged right below our kitchen window, trickling precisely into the gap between the flood protective sheet and the outer wall of the basement. One fucking quarter-turn stopped the water from spreading any further. I wanted to cry it was so simple. An hour later the guy came from the city and we didn't even have any water left to show him.

It fucked my day in the ass. I didn't go to the gym and i made my finger injury worse by squeezing out rags all afternoon. After dinner i was completely drained but pulled myself together enough to make apple pie with J, which made me happy. When i was a kid it was my favorite food, you know. We needed a boost because we were going to put up the tree and do Christmas decorations yesterday, but clearly that didn't happen.

Today i bought some Christmas cards. This is the first time i've been in the mood for years and sending cards is the one small way i get to share my joy. Wow, that sounds cheesy. Whatever, i realized i don't know how to ask for people's addresses. I don't know if it's worse to randomly get a card from someone with whom you never directly shared your address or to get an email from someone asking for your address who you don't want to know your address. This anxiety kinda goes in that basket of feeling like if i ever reach out to someone i must be bothering them. Like if i don't already have someone's contact details it must be because they don't want me to have them. And if i ask it's going to be awkward or come across as inauthentic or like a guilt trip. I know it's retarded because fuck, some people send cards to every bullshit acquaintance, and i don't even know the addresses of some of my closest family, so what the hell? As usual i'm over-thinking the situation and manifesting fear where there's nothing. It actually makes me mad knowing how stupid i am, but of course that doesn't help matters either. Sigh. I can handle a flood but i can't handle people.

I think i am going to make lasagne now.
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