amw (amw) wrote,

Shameless self promotion.

I've spent the last two evenings after work painstaking uploading about 70 meg of music to my website over a 56k modem. I finally managed to encode some of my tracks from 1996 through 1999 at a reasonable bit-rate, and now there's a decent cross-section of MP3s up. It's lo-fi, it's a really mixed bag, but i'd love to hear some comments. Feedback inspires me, and it's been way too long since i've written anything new. So have a look - DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC HERE! :-)

In other good news i've confirmed my ticket to America to see T again. It's almost been a year since i last saw her. The economy hasn't improved, and i'm not sure how i'll find a job there, but i miss her more than words and a three week stay will be heaven. I want to spend every moment in her arms...

Oh, and the 9th Circuit is really helping to make the "left" coast a laughing stock all over the world.
Tags: making music, news

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