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writing now to remind me later
singapore sunset
I like to play my keyboard but i never record any of it. Going to drumming classes this year has improved my "finger rhythm" a lot and it's actually pretty fun to bash out melodies now. There are all these little riffs in me that could turn into songs if i just recorded them and built on them. I used to get scared that if i didn't record my noodlings i'd lose them, like there was a finite number of tunes in my head, so i tried to notate everything. As i got older i learned music goes on forever, you can use the same patches, the same keys, the same chord progressions, but something is always going to make each song unique... I think that knowledge made me lazy. Now i jam and jam and never play with direction. As usual i have too many concepts in my head and i don't want to settle on just one thing, but if i never settle then nothing will ever finish and every time i pick up an instrument i'll swirl and rush and put it down unsatisfied. I think what made my drum performance so cathartic was actually focusing on this single piece. I should bring that into my other music.