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open frito-lay!

It really chaps my ass when friends comment on my Facebook or reply to my monthly update emails saying how we totally need to get together for drinks again, completely ignoring everything else in my life. It makes it even worse when they talk about how night such-and-such was one of their best nights ever and they really miss partying with me. Knowing that trashy me could be sociable, entertaining and entirely hilarious kinda pisses sober me off, because i know i have so much more to offer now. I'm as much a dork as ever, i can still be charming and funny, but i also have passions and goals and stories and it frustrates me that a lot of my friends don't seem interested. I know the people i've made the effort to stay in touch with aren't the shallow ones, so it scares me when their fondest memories of me are when i was fucked up and that that's the only way they can connect now. That's what happened with M and i after we broke up too, and it's like... wtf. Did anyone ever really know me?

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