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what. the. hell.
singapore sunset
It is extremely fucking scary to suddenly go blank on a number you have been typing in every week or so for over 10 years. This morning i forgot my client number for online banking and i just froze up in shock. I still haven't remembered it. This evening it took me a few tries to remember my client number for immigration. I am terrified i am losing my mind, somehow.

I wonder if it's caused by anxiety related to starting to get calls back about jobs. I don't have any interviews scheduled yet, but so far this month is looking a lot better than last month. Maybe by the time i do get called for an interview i will have gotten over that fear of picking up the phone that leaves me babbling so incoherently.

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that happened to me recently. i forgot my ATM PIN of the last 10 years. it was really odd.

Did you ever remember it? My client number finally came back to me, but it was really beginning to worry me.

not for weeks. by which time, i'd already changed it to a very similar number.

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