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boring work update

This week has been crazy. I've been to two job interviews and one headhunter meet-and-greet. I've received an insidious telemarketing call after answering an apparently fake job ad. I've whacked my head and narrowly avoided giving myself a black eye, only to succeed the next day. I've forgotten - then remembered - various important pieces of information, including the name of the person interviewing me. Yesterday i applied make-up for the first time since my December drum performance, and our group got together to practice again for the first time since then too. I've trained some newbies at the gym and tomorrow i'll be opening up and running the class. Monday i start Spanish again. Yup busy.

In a week i could be working a part-time admin job barely breaking minimum wage, or i could be earning over twice as much per hour in a full-time IT contract. I felt such positive vibes interviewing for the admin position this afternoon - the work isn't demanding and the building is gorgeous, in a park, out in the suburbs... It was right the other way earlier in the morning when i was taking a challenging skills test and trying to feel out the right buzzwords to drop for my future manager in condo city. I did my best at both - i can't do any more than that. I'll spend this weekend applying for any more interesting positions i come across, and we'll see who calls me in the upcoming days.

I keep going back and forth on what kind of job i want. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that i'm working by February so i can pay rent that month. I can't afford to wait around hoping the ideal job i'm visualizing suddenly appears. (That's the magic time/money balance of $20+ per hour, 20-30 hours per week, by the way.) I need to remember that nothing is forever and just because i get hired somewhere doesn't mean i have to sign my life away. If i'm not earning enough or i'm overworked, i can always look for another job. I need to learn how to not feel like a failure or experience guilt over these things. I know i'm doing the best i can do right now, so whatever happens i just gotta roll with it.
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