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seriously, fuck this shit

Today started well. I slept "late" and headed out to the gym after 9. Our coach was at the Canadian Nationals this week and is going to be in Indonesia for the next few weeks so various different people have been running the classes. I have two to run next week, but i've been helping out along the way and i'm getting some "regulars" who like training with me, which is kinda cool. It rocks to see people's confidence and skills improving as a direct result of your teaching.

I grabbed groceries before coming home to cook myself an asparagus omelette. Watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy, bummed around online, did some writing - just had a nice lazy day. Then i headed out to basketball.

I was all full of energy when i arrived because i'd spent the trip listening to an album that always makes me happy. Joking around on the court before we started, i kept breaking into dance. The cold weather does that, somehow, turns me into a tap-dancing penguin. We started playing and within minutes my finger copped a loose ball right on the tip. I breathed the pain away and just let out a quiet "fuck" (we're not supposed to swear on the court). I knew i'd done the same thing as last November but i kept playing anyway because we only had 6 players. At halftime i taped my finger, but ripped it off after a few minutes because it was making me useless on the court. During a time-out i took two Motrin, but it was too late. I finished the game with tears in my eyes and a stint full of missed shots.

Of course J is working late tonight so after i got home i had to cook dinner before i could do my rest, ice and elevation. Le sigh. My neua pad krapow was good, though, damnit. And Zombieland was a funny distraction. But now i am hurting again.

I love playing basketball but i wonder if it's just not right for me any more, or at least not in these scrappy all-girl leagues. I've been boxing three times a week for the last six months and the worst injuries i've gotten are busted knuckles and bruised forearms. I've only played about 10 games of basketball and aside from these two finger injuries i've also been scratched up by chicks who don't cut their nails and stomped on by girls who don't know where they're putting they're putting their feet. It's getting ridiculous.

I wonder if i could get the same pleasure i do from basketball from some other pursuit, something that doesn't keep leaving me injured. What i love about basketball is the flow, the freedom of movement and the elegance. When i make a cool play i feel like a dancer. Boxing has a certain elegance too, but the precision always ends in a crunch - it feels more like a scattered collection of very tiny perfect movements. I can't really describe the feeling of taking the ball inside and pivoting to hit a jumper or making a lay-up and drawing the foul. The game makes me so happy, but i don't think happy enough to risk injuries that screw up all the other activities i love doing. So what now?
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