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i have a new fan-crush

Yes. It was a huge mistake for me to deny myself this over the last year. Oh my God, i can't even begin to describe how good it felt to be out there again. I haven't really been to a party since Frankie Knuckles in January last year, so last night with Kerri Chandler wasn't just an amazing night of music and dance, but an extremely long-overdue homecoming for me. Over the past 4 years i've been going so irregularly i think each time i forget how much it means to me, and each time i'm back on the dance floor i teeter on the brink of tears because i am feeling so good and i missed it so much.

The venue was set up like a fabulous old ball room with high ceilings, balconies and a delightfully ostentatious chandelier. Along the walls were roaring fireplaces, and with the subdued lighting and candles everywhere the space really felt special. I don't think i've ever been in a club dancing on hardwood inlay. Interior design aside, the sound was great - so great i didn't care i'd forgotten my earplugs. The music was everything i never quite got to hear in Australia - soulful garage, deep house, no boring ventures into minimal or tech - real Strictly Rhythm, New York-y kind of stuff. Kerri had his audio gear with, so he jammed on the keys over a few songs. At a few points he picked up the mic and sang too, which was awesome. I danced and danced for over 4 hours with the biggest smile.

Though 4 hours felt oddly short. The flow of the night was very different to Australia where even in Brisbane clubs are open till 5am, or 7am with extended license. In Melbourne most of the clubs i went to closed well after 9am. In those places the headliner may only come on at 2 or 3 in the morning and plays until he's tired - at which point he's replaced by an even more banging DJ that will cater to the druggy crowd that wants to push on all morning. Here last call is at 2am, so for an hour between 2 and 3 the dance floor was full of people texting and chatting, trying to figure out their after-party plans. That fucking sucked, and i started getting frustrated because it felt like i was the only one there to dance. But when all the drunks filtered out suddenly it was like being at the most intimate warehouse gig - 50 hardcore house heads sharing the floor and dancing till close. There were only about 15 of us left when the lights went up at 4am. Kerri asked the staff if he could do one more track then asked us what we wanted, so people who still had a voice got to throw up some requests and he just went for it. That sort of connection with the DJ... i've never seen it before - usually they're whisked off to the VIP room or back to the hotel when their set is over. I'm not sure if that's the standard up here or if it's just the way Kerri rolls, but he scored a fan in me. I think i could get used to this whole 5-hour-party thing if every time i get to enjoy that magical final hour with the dedicated heads.

Next week is Frankie Knuckles. I presume they were keeping it secret so it wouldn't draw crowds away from this gig. Clubbing remains stupidly expensive, even when the DJs don't need to cross an ocean. Including cover, water and cab i spent $60, which is a lot for me right now. Doing it again next week seems excessive, but i did get given cash for my birthday and these are the sorts of things i should be spending it on. I love it so much, i just love it. I need to go out to remind me there are good things in life, to remind me to smile and dance and feel the music as something deeper than just a soundtrack to commuting and work.

If it seems early for me to be posting given i only went to bed 6 hours ago you're right. I'm up again so i can go to the matinee of a belly dance show my dance school is putting on - my dumbek teacher is playing lead in the orchestra. I've never seen a belly dance show aimed at a broad audience, so it's going to be interesting. I figured if last night was a treat for my whole body, today could be a treat for my eyes and ears.

J is away till tomorrow so tonight i will cook something yummy and enjoy the peace, maybe even go to bed early. Eh, who am i kidding? I'll be up half the night, get up early to box my sorrows away and be a zombie for the rest of the day. Heh.
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