amw (amw) wrote,

Today's punk sing-a-long

I've never been to the USA / I'm a slave on a minimum wage / Detroit, New York and LA / But i'm stuck in the UK (repeat ad nauseum)

Booya! Planet Funk is the band, "Who Said" is the song, Moguai is the remixer who made it acceptable to local clubbers. Haven't had that much fun chanting lyrics since... well, ages. I don't remember punk songs very well. Not that i've heard this song all that recently either, it's just stuck in my head.

Last night was another wicked, wicked night of acid madness. Quote of the night: "you are SOOOOO fucking cool" (random dancer regarding my headbanging and hardcore mental going-off antics). Mmmm love that 303. I swear i nearly orgasmed during one track, just beats and beats and i'm like what the hell, this isn't acid... then bam. No build-up, no bullshit, just bam - the sickest, most wicked fucking twisty awesome riff ever to come out of synthesizer tears across the dancefloor. I hope there weren't any incriminating photos...

Tomorrow T is going to be dancing a duet. It sucks i'm going to miss it. I'll be with her in spirit, though. I can't wait till i get up there to see her again... I miss her so much. Eight more days and we will have been apart for a year. It's hard to fathom because on the one hand it's gone so quickly, but on the other hand so many things have happened. I wish i could wrap my life up in a bundle and email it to her so she could experience being with me as things happen. And i would really love to have an emailed dance performance bundle :-)
Tags: music, raving

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