amw (amw) wrote,

So i finally listened to the debate.

The sixteen word summary:

Bustamante: slimey.
Camejo: crack smoker.
Huffington: bitch.
Schwarzenegger: on the right track.
McClintock: intelligent and pragmatic.

It's scary that the "too conservative for the conservatives" candidate came across as by far the best choice. Here's hoping Arnie appoints him chair of the budget audit committee.

As was to be expected, the European and Australian media are relentlessly bashing Schwarzenegger - they're even worse than the Chronicle. And speaking of biased media, i don't know what's wrong with the Post recently, but they have been slamming Clark for no apparent reason. Sure, op-ed is free reign - say what you want - but when the snide remarks make it into serious copy there's something wrong.

Thank God one source keeps it "fair and balanced" ;-)
Tags: news, politics

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