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Please do not ever suggest to me that eating organic or local or raw or changing my diet is going to fix this shit. Especially not right now. I cook dinner from scratch every fucking night, i make sandwiches for lunch, i make oatmeal for breakfast, i snack on fruit and nuts, i hardly ever eat out... My diet is healthy as fuck, motherfucker. My one weakness is Diet Coke and that by itself does not even come close to triggering these fucked up episodes. Yeah it's normal to feel down and anxious from time to time. I know that, i get that way too and i deal with it like everyone else. This... this is not the same. Please don't suggest that it is.

And this is why i don't open up to people, because what's the point when they don't get it anyway? I'm so sick of starting to care for people and then having them turn around and lay out some bullshit lecture or completely out-of-touch rant. For a little while i thought the reason i'd withdrawn from most everyone was because i was having a paranoid delusion that they were all conspiring against me, but turns out i wasn't so delusional after all. They're all acting weird now like they're not themselves and it's making me doubt my judgment. People i thought i could trust i can't and that's frustrating the hell out of me. It makes it hard to talk to anyone.
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