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die goeie ouwe tijd eh?

Wow. So i had an evening alone and planned to catch up on a bunch of TV shows, but i totally got sidetracked by discogs and YouTube. Every freakin song in the world is on there now. I can't remember what triggered it, but after several hours of listening to progressively older tracks i ended up at Members Of Mayday, which was Westbam's alias for composing anthems for the Mayday raves held in Germany. In 1995 it seemed to me like all the good raves were happening in Germany and the US. Of course i ended up finding some buddies in Holland who i attended local parties with - parties that are now considered legendary in the underground acid/techno scene. Go figure! Relatively carefree times for me, yanno, those last couple years of high school. I thought anything was possible. I wrote so much fucking music it makes me cry now.

And yes, i totally emptied the rather ridiculously large shopping cart i'd amassed, without hitting "checkout". Because i have self control that way, yup.

Time to bake banana bread.
Tags: looking back

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