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are you fucking kidding me?

My passport runs out in a month. Although technically i can remain in Canada with just my Canadian green card, i can't travel without a passport. Something i forgot when i renewed my passport 10 years ago is that England requires you to have a countersignatory to your application, that is, a doctor, lawyer, cop, minister, politician... And said countersignatory has to have known you for two years. Never mind the fact that i don't fucking personally know anyone who falls into those groups, i've only been in Canada for a year so how would anyone be able to meet the requirements anyway? Not to mention most of the medical professionals i've seen here are neither citizens of Canada nor the UK, so they still wouldn't qualify. I just spent $10+ on a phonecall to the UK to ask what the hell i'm supposed to do, and they cheerfully informed me that yes, if i don't find a countersignatory i will not get a passport and will remain stuck in Canada for the indefinite future. You have no idea how terrifying that is to me right now because in my head the border is my escape, right? This is so fucked i can't even believe it. What the fuck... There's always fucking something, always always something even when i try to make it right there's something. Fuck everything.
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